Non-Member: Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is the creative sous-chef for Detroit's Huron Room, a Michigan themed restaurant based in the heart of the city. He is a former Angeleno who found himself attending film school but couldn't escape the smells, flavors, and heat of the kitchen.

Growing up as a P.K. (pastor's kid), has given Michael a unique outlook as he carved out his own path while living in Tulsa, Detroit, Johannesburg, Savannah, and Los Angeles. He is also a musician and enjoys creative writing.

Never afraid to try new things, experience the experiments, and love the people around him, Michael's recipe for living enriches his views, tastes, and zest for life. Bon appétit.

Non-Member: Kelly Burke

Kelly Burke is a Detroit-based abstract expressionist painter who explores the dissolution of material and figurative imagery, depicting abstract essence and the energy of life. Burke draws her inspiration from art historical studies including non-western art as well as Abstract Expressionism.

Her recent work focuses on process and physicality of paint. The repetitious layering of, taking away, and re-application of colour underneath automatic scrawling, scratching, and mark-making express Burke's inner psyche. Kelly received a B.F. A. in painting and art history from Siena Heights University in 2007 and has been exhibiting artwork throughout southeast Michigan for several years.

Burke's paintings are currently housed in private collections in New York, San Fransisco, Milwaukee, and various businesses and residencies across Metro Detroit including the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel.

Non-Member: Vince Nappo

Vince Nappo is a New York based actor. His theatre credits include, Theatre For A New Audience's acclaimed production of Merchant of Venice, starring F. Murray Abraham, which also played in the Royal Shakespeare's Complete Works Festival in 2006-2007, The Broadway National Tour of Million Dollar Quartet playing the founder of Sun Records, Sam Phillips.

His TV/Film credits include, Jennifer Westfeldt's 2011 film, Friends With Kids, Renaude in Reign on CW, and Jacob Scott in NCIS for CBS. Nappo plays Hollywood studio writer in Amazon's original series, The Last Tycoon, and is currently filming on Showtime's upcoming series I'm Dying Up Here, executive produced by Jim Carey.

Nappo shares his personal narrative in this candid and very genuine interview as talks about several milestones in his life that helped shape him to be the person he is today.

Non-Member: Drew Westphal

Drew Westphal is a Milwaukee-native men's fashion blogger and stylist for Millworks and Creative Director/Founder of EverydayDrew, his personalized fashion blog offering services as stylist, reviewer, promotional advertising, traveling, or any other collaboration. Drew is a creative for hire.

He is also a Korean-American Adoptee who shares his narrative in this revealing and candid interview recorded downtown Milwaukee.

Non-Member: Amy Cooper aka: Acronym

Amy Cooper aka: Acronym is a Detroit photographer + journalist/writer and urban explorer. She is the product of growing up in a single parent household as an only child and shares how that formed her identity as a creative. Amy believes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few and collaborates with as many local artists so the community can flourish and become successful.

Non-Member: Brett Sullivan

Anti-folk singer/songwriter and filmmaker, Brett Sullivan of American Anymen shares two impactful songs and a profound conversation on the American lifestyle and what it means today. From skateboarding, to musicals, to creating visually arresting experimental films and original opinionated songs, Sullivan is truly an artist who marches to the beat of his own drum.

This episode was recorded in Brooklyn, NY.

Non-Member: Jill Loreta Anderson

Jill Loreta Anderson is an Iowa-born, Chicago-resident who breaks the stigma of that old time saying, "A jack of all trades; a master of none".  She is a master of everything... from psychology, to finance, to the hospitality industry, and now her current passion: sustainable farming practices while exploring food and drink as artforms, and cultivating relationships with artists, photographers, musicians, and visitors in a spirit of sharing and collaboration.

We discuss spirituality, how living green does not mean sacrificing luxury, and community shared agriculture.

Non-Member: Kaylan Petrie

Kaylan Petrie is a freelance graphic designer based in Ypsilanti, MI. After many years working for a print shop she made the leap to go into business for herself. Petrie discusses the catalyst for that life changing decision, resources for independent creative entrepreneurs like, Tuesdays Together based in Ann Arbor, music from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, her favorite film, and how nature remains a constant inspiration ever since childhood.

Petrie owns and operates, Byway Creative, a graphic design house that also includes vintage resale and handmade paraphernalia.

S109 The Non-Members: Night is Electric

Night is Electric is an experimental indie-rock electro-pop 3-piece based out of Chicago, IL. and Fort Wayne, IN. It's like nothing else. It's a new category of sonic love. 

Frontman, Chad Van Meter shares his thoughts and experiences on the peaks and valleys of the "creative curse" and how to reckon with that restlessness. He discusses his current indiegogo campaign to complete NiE's debut album, and performs two acoustic songs live on the podcast.

Non-Member: Jeff Cylkowski

Jeff Cylkowski is a Brooklyn based abstract painter interested in psychology of perception and the visual experience of sensation. American-born, he is a Korean-adoptee who has lived coast to coast working in, and studying the world of art.

Zeke Anders goes on location to sit down with Jeff at his Brooklyn-based studio to pick his brain on the subculture that influenced him, his thought on the over-romanticised view of artists, and life growing up as a Korean adoptee.

Non-Member: The Whiskey Charmers

The Whiskey Charmers is an "Americana/Country/Folk" rock duo named by the Detroit Metro Times as one of the best bands of 2015. Modern Rock Review says, "[The Whiskey Charmers] strike a perfect balance between laid back country and western and edgy folk rock. With the smokey lead vocals of Carrie Shepard and the stratospheric lead guitar textures of Lawrence Daversa, the self-released and self-titled 2015 album is solid from start to finish."

Shepard and Daversa candidly talk about their own musical journey, life on the road and playing gigs, and how proactive versus reactive music is in all our lives. They also perform two acoustic songs!

Non-Member: Katey Brent

Katey Brent is a hair stylist based in Cincinnati and Detroit. She is a creative through and through, from her tattoos, musical talents, career choice, and passion of competitive pro power lifting, Katey makes her life work for her. No compromise. Brent's interview liberates and inspires the soul and makes us realize we can do anything we want.

Non-Member: Ann Holdreith

Ann Holdreith is a Detroit native poet, painter, actress, and teacher. She collaborated with Zeke Anders on a short spoken word performance film based on one of her original poems, "Rise". In this conversation they discuss creative lulls, Ann's spiritual journey as an artist, and why perhaps many original artists choose not to have children. Ann also reads two poems in this podcast.

Non-Member: Detroit Techno Militia

Detroit Techno Militia is a record label and street level DJ/Producer collective dedicated to preserving the legacy of true Detroit electronic music and its proliferation around the world. They take pride in contributing to a tradition that has deeply inspired electronic music aficionados the world over. DTM soldiers work to maintain and preserve the significance of techno made in their native city, Detroit, Michigan, USA and has reached across the globe.

Found, Angie Linder and DJ/Artist, T. Linder sit down with me to discuss the intricacies of the "Detroit sound", building tools for other DJ's, and the path less taken.

Non-Member: Ramone Davis

Ramone Davis is a multidisciplinary Detroit-based artist - photographer, cinematographer, producer, his creative roots go deep within the city. Anders and Davis discuss the sub-art culture of Detroit, two films that impacted his life, and the notorious hipster scene that is now on the trend.

Non-Member: Richard Roy

Richard Roy is a pillar of the Detroit creative community. Filmmaker, photographer, animator/artist, he teaches at the College for Creative Studies (CCS), in the heart of the city. It's a fascinating conversation with Richard on his career path and all things artistic. From 8mm home movies, photographing Vincent Price, to heading up the top special effects studio in Detroit, this is a must-listen for any Creative spirit.