A one night engagement at the Detroit Institute of Arts, 11/06/14 (90 min.)

The advent of YouTube and vlogs (video-logs) have given us the ability to record, upload and distribute our deepest secrets, funniest outtakes and most vulnerable moments, connecting us in ways we never thought possible. 

Established filmmakers to soccer moms are delving into this new medium of expression, and internet videos from the absurd to the discerning are now woven into the fabric of society, but, why do people vlog? Can vlogging be an art form?

Award-winning L.A. filmmaker
Zeke Anders explores these questions and more about this global trend in social media and the diversity of 'moving-image selfies' from around the world. - DIA


Created & curated by Zeke Anders

Written by Zeke Anders & Mary Westcott

Produced by Larry Baranski

Executive Producer: Elliot Wilhelm

Line Producer: Stephen McLallen

Image Capture: Andrew Erickson

Editor: Aldo Bovaira

Stage Manager: Emily Bowyer

Projectionist: Paul Bancel

Payroll: Matthew Breneau

Recorded at the Detroit Institute of Arts + Detroit Film Theatre on November 6th, 2014, Detroit, MI.

The excerpts are presented with permission.